Addiction/Mental Health Services

The Riverside Police Special Services Unit is designed to assist those suffering from substance abuse and mental health as well as assisting those in need of social services. Individuals can enter the police department or call 911 if in crisis and request referral to services, and assistance. The SSU utilizes established County and State programs along with NJTIP and its volunteers to assist those suffering from substance abuse and or mental health issues. The SSU also utilizes other resources and organizations to assist in Harm Reduction within our community. The SSU along with NJTIP will track individuals after an initial engagement with a focus on providing “wraparound” care; characterized by ongoing check-ins and assistance with accessing different substance use disorder and or mental health disorder social services, sometime in the form of care coordination or case management through the SSU and or NJTIP. Please contact Lt. Lou Fisher at [email protected] or 856-461-8820 ext.136

Straight to Treatment

A program created by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office to help those who are caught in the powerful grip of addiction and substance abuse – but would like to break free – with the opportunity to be connected to a program to assist them with overcoming their addiction.

Suicide Prevention