School Resource Officer

This School Resource Officer (SRO) Program has been established to provide Police Officers for the Township’s Public Schools. The Officer will provide a variety of educational resources to the school community including the Law Enforcement Against Drugs Program (L.E.A.D.). The SRO will also be available to provide law enforcement information and advice to students and parents, and maintain a positive law enforcement presence in the schools. The SRO is not intended to merely serve as security personnel in the schools, yet the presence of the SRO will serve as a security function.

The SRO will not enforce the school disciplinary policies. The school environment is a community unto itself. It remains, however, an integral part of the larger community of society in general. Although the members of the School Community are younger, the code of conduct remains the same. The SRO will enforce the law in the same unbiased and impartial manner as he enforces it in the larger Community.