Riverside Police Welcome Two New Officers

 Last night the Riverside Police Department welcomed two Officers to the Department.  Although they are new full time hires, neither is new to the Riverside Police Department.

Ptl. Michael Hynes was a Class II Special for the Riverside Police Department for one year prior to taking a full time position with the Palmyra Police Department.  While serving as a Class II Officer, Ptl. Hynes received several awards for his community policing efforts in Riverside, including being one of several officers recognized by the Attorney General.  Ptl. Hynes played an integral part in the development of the Kidz Funzone Game Truck, outdoor movie nights, and the Haunted Police Station.  

Ptl. Hynes served with the Palmyra Police Department for the last three years.  We are glad to have him back!

Ptl. Nicholas Strough is another valuable addition to the Riverside Police Department.  Ptl. Strough was a Riverside Police Explorer in high school.  He also worked at Riverside Public Works prior to being hired as a Class II Officer in Riverside.  Ptl. Strough is an E.M.T. and a volunteer firefighter for the Riverside Fire Department.  While employed at Riverside Public Works, Ptl. Strough also volunteered much of his free time to assist with the development of the Kidz Funzone Game Truck, outdoor movie nights, and the Haunted Police Station.

After the swearing in, Chief Eliason presented three officers Exceptional Duty Awards for their response to a call to a volatile call.  Ptl. Brendon Griffin, Ptl. Shane Pettit, and Ptl. Christopher Deffler were recognized for utilizing less lethal force by deploying a Taser in a situation in which deadly force was justified.

All Officers were presented with citation bars from the Burlington County Chief’s of Police Association.  The citation bars were presented in recognition of the Officers’ dedication and service during the ongoing pandemic.